30 Years Experience

ACME FIREWORKS has over 30 years experience in the fireworks business. An exclusive provider of "WORLD CLASS " brand fireworks, an industry leader in performance and value. We are proud to "partner" with local charities and non-profit groups by providing fundraising opportunities. Come to the nearest ACME FIREWORKS location for the greatest selection of fireworks at the lowest prices. ACME FIREWORKS offers no gimmicks, just the best fireworks at the best prices.

Check Out Our Latest Fireworks!

  1. Behemoth


    The original big, green monster! Standing over 12" tall, this fountain will surely be the hit of your party. Plenty of crackle and beautiful reds, blues, golds, silvers and greens. With heights of over 25 feet, this will leave them wanting more.
  2. Chick Stick

    Chick Stick

    This item comes packed 72/2 and has a lot of shelf appeal. Gushing pink smoke that is so thick you could lose the Pink Panther.
  3. Computer


    Golden, Blue, Red, Green, Purple, and Whistle Rain Chry, Green, Orange and Lemon Spider, Red Green Blue Silver Crackling
  4. Rhythm & Blues

    Rhythm & Blues

    A true patriotic fountain. Alternates with colorful stars, gold pine needles, crackling, whistling, huge chrysanthemums, colored flowers, green, red, gold and blue pearls with a finale of amazing crackles. A huge fountain with a huge show.

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